About our company

Sempstress International is a fashion trading company with an established office in Mainland China.

Sempstress International provides end-to-end supply chain management for fashion retailers and brands worldwide. Our passionate team has expertise in trend direction, product development, raw material sourcing, production management and transit logistics.

We partner with reputable, socially responsible suppliers and ensure a smooth process from concept to delivery. See below for a simple step by step guide of our process.


Trend Direction

The Western influence within our company provides the market understanding we need to remain at the forefront of fashion trends worldwide.

Product development

We work closely with the customer to develop an idea into a marketable product.

Vendor compliance

We ensure our suppliers strictly follow all vendor compliance requirements.

Raw material sourcing

A wide base of fabric and yarn suppliers allow for fast turnaround of both development and bulk production.

Factory sourcing

We choose to partner with socially responsible, reliable and competent factories.

Manufacturing control

Dedicated merchandisers monitoring and maintaining the “critical path” timeline of each order

Quality control

In-house quality assurance team maintaining AQL 2.5 quality standards.

Shipping control

Managing transit logistics and all international and domestic shipping customs regulations.


We’re always keeping the end product and consumer connection in mind.



Sustainability has always been a key part of our company culture.

Sempstress International values sustainable practices throughout our supply chain. We use a model that is environmentally aware and contributes to the social and economic development of the communities in which we operate.

Our sustainability vision is to use resources efficiently; to add business value for our customers and our suppliers; to focus on the health and wellbeing of our colleagues; and to positively impact our communities and societies.


We are strong advocates

for responsible sourcing

within our business


Our Partnerships

We maintain great alliances with our factories through strong communication and a mutual respect.

Sempstress International acknowledges the importance of working with established and certified suppliers. Through collaboration and strong supplier relationships, risks within the supply chain are efficiently managed.

Our partnerships also provide us with the opportunity to create jobs with high standard working and environmental conditions, helping to build stronger and healthier communities.


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